About me

IMG_20160905_184608Hi! I’m Gabriëlle and I’m the founder of Gabrielle Louise Lifestyle. I have a great passion for Psychology, (making) jewelry, good (preferably vegetarian and healthy) food & cooking, music, photography, art, fashion & more!

It all started about five years ago, when I started posting on Instagram about the little, but joyous things in life. The idea was to create daily positive reminders for myself and I hoped to inspire others as well. These days, we often tend to be so busy all the time that we sometimes forget to just be. That’s why I started taking pictures of the smallest things, like a flower in the garden or a shell on the beach, trying to find inspiration in everything, everywhere.

By creating this website, I hope to inspire you and to get you excited by the different aspects of what I think lifestyle is about. I hope you’ll like it, enjoy!

❤️ Gabriëlle