Pizza time!

I just loooove food – whether it’s about making or eating it ;)! I often try out new recipes or create them myself. In this rubric I will keep you posted about ‘soulfood’: delicious recipes that will feed your beautiful soul!

Pizza, I LOVE PIZZA! Whether it’s morning or evening, it’s always a good time to eat pizza! Here I made some homemade pizza with rocket salad, chickpeas salad and avocado. I’ll only share the pizza recipe for now, but I’ll make another post about the salads.

~ 1 Fresh Turkish bread
~ 70 Grams of tomato paste
~ 150 Grams of pizza cheese (vegetarian mozarella)
~ 1 Red onion
~ 70 Grams of canned tuna
~ 2-3 Tomatoes
~ Pickled jalapeño rings
~ Black olives
~ Italian herbs
~ Olive oil (extra vierge)
~ Sea salt

6 Steps
1.~ Smooth the tomato paste over the Turkish bread base with the back of a teaspoon.
2.~ Scatter one half of the cheese over the base.
3.~ Slice the tomatoes and the red union and add them to the base.
4.~ Add some jalapeño rings and black olives (as much as you like) and the tuna to the base.
5.~ Add the other half of the cheese to the base, drizzle some olive oil and season with the herbs and the sea salt (as much as you like).
6.~ Bake for +/- 10 minutes until it looks crispy and it’s pizza time!

Photo: Instagram Gabrielle Louise Lifestyle

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