Jam de la crème

I just loooove food – whether it’s about making or eating it ;)! I often try out new recipes or create them myself. In this rubric I will keep you posted about ‘soulfood’: delicious recipes that will feed your beautiful soul!

Making jam is a great way to not waste, but use your bruised and/or over-ripe fruit. I made a strawberry-, raspberry- and mint jam, but you can use any kind of fruit to make your own! It’s easy to make, self-conserving (for up to 1 year!) and lovely to give as a present to family and friends!

~ Gelling sugar (50%; for example: 1 Kg)
~ Fruit (50%; for example: 1 Kg)
~ 1 Lemon
~ 1 (big) Pan
~ 1 Soup spoon
~ Jars (2 or more, depending on the size and on the amount of jam you’d like to make)
~ 1-2 Clean (!) tea towel(s)
~ 1 Barbecue tong

6 Steps
1.~ Sterilize the jars: 1. Boil some water in a big pan; 2. Wash the jars with warm water and soap; 3. Put them in the pan with boiling water for a few minutes; 4. Pull them out of the pan with the barbecue tong and lay them upside down on the clean tea towel(s). Do not dry with a towel (!); 5. Turn the jars when they’re dry.
2.~ Put the fruit in the pan and heat. Stir for about 2-3 min.
3.~ Add the gelling sugar and stir for about 2-3 minutes more.
4.~ Squeeze some lemon juice (as much as you like) and add this to the mixture. Stir and wait about 10 minutes until you get a jelly mixture.
5.~ Take a jar, fill it by using the soup spoon and immediately close it. Turn the jar upside down for about 5 minutes; this is for the vacuum seal.
6.~ Continue Step 5 for filling the other jars.
7.~ Let it cool down and your homemade jam is ready to be served!

*Tip: You can decorate your jars with a message- or text label and a ribbon on top to make it look like a present!

Photo: Gabrielle Louise Lifestyle


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