Tabbouleh fantasy

I just loooove food – whether it’s about making or eating it ;)! I often try out new recipes or create them myself. In this rubric I will keep you posted about ‘soulfood’: delicious recipes that will feed your beautiful soul!

Tabbouleh is a perfect side dish or lunch meal. It’s light, nutrient and easy to make. Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones by bringing this great Lebanese dish to a house party or BBQ!

Ingredients (2 lunch meals, 4 side dishes):
~ 1 Coffee cup of couscous (1 coffee cup = 0,2 liters)
~ 1 Coffee cup of water (1 couscous : 1 water)
~ 2 Bunches of flat-leaf parsley
~ 5 Sprigs of mint
~ 3 Tomatoes
~ 1/2 Lemon
~ 1/2 Onion
~ Olive oil extra vierge
~ Sea salt
~ 1 Handful of blueberries
~ 1 Small handful of pine nuts
4 Steps
1. ~ Prep: Boil water.
2. ~ Fill the first coffee cup with couscous and put it into a large salad bowl. Repeat this step with the boiled water and then close the bowl with a lid. Wait 5 minutes until you take the lid off. Sprinkle some olive oil and put some salt on the couscous and your couscous is ready.
3. ~ Wash the parsley, mint and tomatoes. Shake the water off of the herbs. Pluck the mint leaves from the stems. Chop the ends off of the parsley and throw them away. Now, chop everything very finely, chop the onion in cubes and add everything to the bowl.
4. ~ Squeeze some lemon juice on top and mix everything together. Your tabbouleh is ready to be served!
*Tip: Serve with a handful of blueberries and a small handful of pine nuts on top.


Photo: Gabrielle Louise Lifestyle

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