I have a great passion for psychology, the mind and how it all works. In this rubric I will keep you posted about Psychology via sharing short blogs, articles, quotes, thoughts, tips & tricks and more!

Me-time. Do you take some me-time every once in a while? Sometimes, it’s important to just have a day for yourself to do whatever you want to. Even though you’re always up and running, busy with working, studying and/or parenting, you have to take care of the most important person in YOUR life first: YOU! ‘Cause sometimes you just need to recharge.

I hear your thinking: “But I ain’t got time for that!”, “I want to help others, they need me!”, “It’s selfish!”. Well, it’s as simple as this: when the battery of your phone is low, you recharge it, right? Now, you’re that battery and you need to be recharged. And after that, you can be the hardworking student, colleague/employee and/or mom again, but first you have to take care of yourself.

I often struggled with giving myself a break. I had the idea that I had to be busy all the time, taking care of others. But when my inner battery was way too empty at some point, I realized I had to change something. So now, I take some me-time every once in a while and I actually  enjoy it (that took some practice, I admit 😌)!

Like yesterday, I had a day-off and I made myself some homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast, watched an online movie (confession: I have a Netflix account I barely use, ’cause I don’t make time for it), I put a face mask on, colored my hair, texted my hairdresser, took a shower, went to my hairdresser and afterwards I went shopping. And I didn’t feel guilty, ’cause it was exactly what I needed!

I know it’s difficult to take some time for yourself. That’s why I have some tips & tricks for you: don’t judge yourself if it doesn’t work out the first time or if you do feel guilty the first three times, just try and expose. For example: take a bath with your favorite bath bomb and/or a nice magazine, book an appointment for your nails, hair and/or a relaxing massage, make yourself your favorite dish, take a walk in the park, etc. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing, as long as you pick something that helps you to recharge: me-time.

Good luck and don’t forget to be kind to yourself! Always.

❤️ Gabriëlle

Photos & quotes: Gabrielle Louise Lifestyle


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