Feeling blue

I have a great passion for psychology, the mind and how it all works. In this rubric I will keep you posted about Psychology via sharing short blogs, articles, quotes, thoughts, tips & tricks and more!

Today it’s Blue Monday – also known as the most depressing day of the year – so let’s talk about feeling blue! Depression is a condition that grips about 20 percent of all Dutch adults. However, there’s still a lot of shame to talk about this disease and many people don’t even know how to talk about it. Recently, the Dutch government set up campaigns to break the silence and I’m very pleased with this. I think we need to talk about depression, simply because it’s here and it hits so many people’s lives. Depression is more than feeling sad: depression is a disease!

mind 7

I’ve suffered from depression myself and I know exactly how it feels to not be able to talk about it. Almost no one knew about me having a depression. There were even people who told me that I looked good and I hated this! I got up, dressed up, put some make-up on and did my daily routine, but that didn’t mean I felt good. I actually felt really down and when I got home, I cried a lot. I think the hardest part of my condition was the hiding. It was very difficult to act “normal” when I actually felt devastated inside. Sometimes I wished I had a visible condition, like a broken leg, just to show people that I was suffering and that this would be more accepted.

At some point, I decided to open up about my depression. At first, I was very scared to do so, because I was afraid that people wouldn’t accept it or that they would have an (negative) opinion about it. But talking about it helped me a lot! Yes, there were people who didn’t understand, but there were more of them who wanted to support me and who didn’t judge me. This really helped me to get through it.

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I’m very grateful that I’m able to enjoy life again. There’ve been times I felt too scared to live, too sad to feel and too tired to do something. I’m doing better now, but I had to work my butt off and it’s still hard sometimes. Depression is not like a flu that just hits you once and then you get better. It’s a process that totally impacts you and your life. Depression has made me very insecure whenever I’ve felt some signals in my body and/or thoughts. It’s always on my mind, even when I feel good. However, depression also made me the person I am today: a stronger one!

If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, I really want you to know that it can get better! Today it may seem as if life’s worthless, hopeless and way too scary, but this can be different tomorrow. You’re not alone in this, there’s treatment available and YOU’RE WORTH IT to overcome this!

Take care,

❤️ Gabriëlle

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“Get to know that many people understand you and that there are more people like you. It’s not weird, you’re not crazy, talk about depression now.” – Ypse voor jou
  • Facts about depression (depression.org):
    – Women are 70% more likely than men to suffer from depression and  14% of women develop postpartum depression after giving birth 
    – 30% Of college students report having depression
    – 50% Of those with major depression don’t seek treatment 
  • Do you want to know more about depression? Please click the links below:

    Omgaan met depressie 
    – Samen sterker zonder stigma
    – Hersenstichting

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Quote: Ypse voor jou

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