Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree 🎄

I have a great passion for psychology, the mind and how it all works. In this rubric I will keep you posted about Psychology via sharing short blogs, articles, quotes, thoughts, tips & tricks and more!

I really am a “Christmas freak”. Normally, I would’ve got all my presents in, written my Christmas cards and decorated my tree by now. This year’s different and I’m not feeling “it” like the years before.

However, once I saw more and more Christmas inspiration on- and offline, I suddenly got to feel “it” a bit more. So yesterday, I spontaneously decided to buy myself a small Christmas tree and I decorated “her” with two good friends of mine.

Yesterday evening when I came home, I was so happy that I got myself a Christmas tree. But then, while I just settled myself on the couch, the whole tree fell over…

At first I felt sad, ’cause some of my favorite decorations were broken into a thousand of small pieces and my whole house had become a mess (which I had to clean up, while it was already late 🙈).

But then, I thought about the Dutch saying “Scherven brengen geluk” (translation: “Glass shards will bring you luck”), which means that after bad luck will follow luck. And this made such good sense to me. It’s so typical for the situation I’m in now! I believe that this hasn’t happened “just like that”.

You can call me crazy, but I do not believe in chance and I do believe that everything happens for a reason. So maybe this was one of life’s reminders. A reminder, that even though not all things are going as I want them to be for now, it will all be okay in the end.

I’m wishing you the most wonderful time of year!

Lots of love,

❤️ Gabriëlle

Photos: Pinterest

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